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Frequently Asked Questions 


You can apply for your provisional driving licence up to 3 months before your 17th birthday, (16 if you are registered disabled). You can apply using the relevant form from the Post Office, or apply online.


Yes, as long as you have a valid UK provisional driving licence, then you can take lessons anytime from your 17th birthday, (16 if you are registered disabled).


On your first driving lesson (whether you have driven before or not) you need to bring both parts of your provisional driving licence, and payment for the lesson (unless already pre-paid). Please also bring along any glasses/contact lenses if you need to wear them, and sensible footwear.


Yes, you will.


Driving lessons in a Manual car are £23 for a one hour lesson, if you pay on the day, or £220 for 10hrs if paid in advance. Driving lessons in an Automatic car are £25 for a one hour lesson, if you pay on the day, or £240 for 10hrs if paid in advance.


You will be taught to drive properly, safely and competently on our complex, modern road systems. However, this is a difficult question to answer, due to everyone learning at a different rate, the age of the student, if they have regular lessons and if they have any special needs.  According to the Driving Standards Agency the average is about 45hrs with an instructor and around 20 extra from private practise from friends and family. Most of my pupils pass their test after 30-40hrs.


At Baylis Driving School we have developed our own pupil progress reports, which you need to bring to every lesson. This tracks your progress for each area of your driving form being `introduced` to a subject through to becoming `Independent/Test Standard` in each area. This helps both yourself and your instructor track your progress and work on the areas that need improving. Your driving instructor will advise you when to book your driving test, taking into account the current waiting times for driving tests.


Yes, you will.


You need to give at least 48 hours notice to change or cancel a driving lesson, or you will be charged by your driving instructor , except for exceptional circumstances.


Yes, you would use your instructor`s car for the test and you will have a lesson immediately before your test (we usually pick you up an hour and a half before your test) and the instructor will accompany you to the test centre.


The manual car is a Peugeot 207 HDI diesel and the automatic car is a Nissan Note petrol.


I qualified as a driving instructor in 1989. I have taken, and continue to take, further education to help me achieve a high standard of Instruction. My training has included many Teaching and Psychology Qualifications and also Customer Service Courses to help me  understand the needs of my students. I am especially experienced with teaching nervous, anxious or phobic students.


You are provided with a unique discount code to reduce the price of learner driver insurance from Collingwood Insurance.

iPads are used during your driving lessons to enhance the learning experience. The apps are animated and make learning easier.

I have camera's in both of my cars. The recordings can be replayed if needed, to help students to re-assess their actions and decisions.

It is satisfying being able to help people learn how to drive. I hope my enthusiasm for driving will help others. My lessons are fun and I hope that driving lessons are something that people really look forwards to. I want everyone to learn to drive with a smile on their face and be a good safe driver for life.


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Giving you lessons is our highest priority, so if we do not answer the phone we are probably conducting a Driving Lesson. If you do get our answer phone, please leave a message including your name and phone number, and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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